Secure Your Home With An Anti Snap Lock

Upgrade your locks today to the latest anti snap locks from Ultion. These locks are 3 star diamond rated, that is the highest protection you can get from a lock!

Lock snapping is becoming a big problem in and around Birmingham with thieves managing to break standard locks in under 10 seconds! Don’t take the risk, get your locks upgraded today.

Lock Snapping In Birmingham

Thieves have become skilled in the art of lock snapping, many of them can get in your home in under 10 seconds. They can do it quickly and quietly and be off with your valuables before you know what has happened.

Do not become a victim of this horrible crime. there is a sure fire way of stopping these criminals in the act. For the price it costs to get your locks changed, it would be crazy not to.

How To Prevent Lock Snapping

There is only one way to prevent someone snapping your lock and that is to get anti snap ones fitted. It does not cost a lot of money and you and your valuables will be protected.

You probably know of someone who has fallen foul of this type of criminal entry, for you it is not too late. We are not trying to scare you but most of the call outs we get these days are from break ins where the locks were just not up to the job.

Preventing Break Ins

The only locks that we recommend are Ultion and Federal Ironguard. Both are 3 Star Sold Secure which in layman’s terms is the highest level of security that you can get in a lock. They both offer a huge range of security features as well as a £1000 guarentee.

Ready to get things started?

My name is Lee and I fit anti snap locks everyday. I am one of the best at what I do and I will help you secure your home so you and your family can rest at ease.

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